Over 5,000 Projects completed. Each a unique branded story.

Branded office furniture.

Once, larger businesses had very little choice in furniture. Large-scale modular solutions were bland and uniform, seemingly designed not to be noticed. MASHstudios changed that by creating functional, visually stunning, scalable office furniture systems.

MASH Branded Furniture offers larger businesses the ability to express themselves — their culture and their brands — through their furnishing solutions. By leveraging a combination of innovative design, leading-edge technology and never-before-seen fabrication methods, MASHstudios is bringing furniture to marketthat could never be delivered via conventional production techniques. Let us show you what we can do to make your office a brand experience.

We were there.

BRANDED OFFICE FURNITURE was a reaction to the desire for furniture that reflected a way a company worked and its unique brand personality. This mindset was quickly brought to life with the tech boom in CA. We were there. We forged the path with some of the worlds largest brands and leading design groups. MASH has long seen its self as a tech company. Focsuing not just on a great product but the process to which you achive it. Our technology driven studio and manufacturing has allowed us to go beyone bespoke furmiture and provide branded style at scale. We still consider our self a start-up and beleive from inquisitive minds cutting edge designs will be delivered.

Workspace collections.

MASH has helped define how workspace is thought about and delivered. Pushing boundaries, excepting challenges and providing possibilities far beyond standard.

We are a proud American manufacturer and builder of our own products.

Materials and finishes that fit your brand.

What materials define you? MASHstudios provides an awsome library of materials, hand selected by our studios design teams. Our constant exploration of new products keeps our clients a finger tip away from identifying a look that is truly unique.

Honest Materials.

These are materials that we believe in. Quality is at the forefront of every product we make. We don't use plastics or composites. MASHstudios products are built to outlast all of our competitors. We use sustanable materials and only natural finishes.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility works in tandem with our studio but also simply as a fabricator for clients. Let us know if you ever want a tour, we would love to show you around MASHindustries. Visit MASHindustries.com>

“Stay competitive with your workspace."


Defining the modern workspace.

How workspace is changing.

Can a workspace be more than a place that facilitates work? Can it inspire creativity, can it bring comfort, can it reflect your personality can it make you feel like your in your own special home. These spaces are quickly being influenced by decision makers of the worlds leading brands who are defining productivity in the modern workspace. The thoughtful design of offices is one of the driving forces in hiring and employee retention strategies. It's allowing brands to be felt as soon as you step into a door. Conveying this through technology driven design has made this easier than ever for MASHstudios push boundaries and constantly redefine what's possible. The future holds nothing but surprises with the world of workspace and we are proud to be the studio that designs those.