Elevated Workspace: Custom and Standard Furniture

In collaboration with design firm FullBRANCH, MASHstudios developed furniture for the headquarters of a pioneering force in wellness and beauty brand development. We designed office furniture to enhance the company’s creative environment, seamlessly integrating functionality and aesthetics to amplify innovation and collaboration. Working closely with the architecture firm, we optimized the project’s lead time and budget by combining custom furniture design with standard MASHstudio products.

Standard Office Furniture at MASHstudios

Workstations for Agile Workflow

MASHstudio’s Flo Desks formed the backbone for the open workspace, streamlining the design and engineering process by leveraging one of our signature products. Part of our Readymade standard product line, the Flo Desk is an intuitive sit-stand workstation that encourages healthier work habits. Convenient desk outlets are seamlessly accessible via a flip lid, while cork divider panels between adjacent desks create visual and acoustic privacy.

Tailored Storage Solutions for Efficiency

To facilitate the team’s productivity and innovation, we made bespoke end storage cabinets to safeguard personal items and valuable product samples. In addition, the cabinet tops offer supplementary space for showcasing new product lines in progress. Constructed from durable white oak, we designed these end storage units to harmonize with the workspace’s overarching aesthetic.

Strategic Custom Storage Islands

Custom storage islands were central to the office’s overall design, strategically placed to serve as efficient storage units while doubling as versatile meeting tables. Since the client frequently handles liquids in delicate bottles, we used soft touch laminate on the exterior body as well as water-resistant black laminate interior faces. These islands seamlessly merge practicality with contemporary design, boasting built-in trash recesses and ample shelving, a perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality central to this workplace project.

Private Offices: Fusion of Elegance and Practicality

In addition, we crafted desks and credenzas tailored for the private offices, aligning them with the office’s overarching style to elevate professionalism and productivity. These private offices boast a minimalist, functional, and elegant design, featuring white oak tops complemented by sleek black laminate surfaces.

Unifying Standard and Custom Designs

The harmonious blend of MASHstudios’ standard offerings, using the Flo Desk with tailor-made storage solutions, optimized the project’s efficiency and timeline while catering to a company’s precise needs. The result is a testament to the capacity of thoughtful design to help drive operational innovation, assisting the company’s team as it develops and launches compelling new wellness and beauty brands.

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Design: FullBRANCH

Photography: Doug Frerichs

LA Design Festival Studio Tour + Sample Sale

MASHstudios is excited to be part of the highly anticipated return of the LA Design Festival. Join us on Friday, June 23, as we invite you to explore our Los Angeles design studio and experience our custom furniture. Connect with our talented design team, explore our unique prototypes and materials library, and immerse yourself in the fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

We’ll also have a sample sale featuring up to 50% off select pieces from our showroom – including items from our residential furniture line, LAXseries. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring home something unique.

As part of the LA Design Festival, explore other design studios in the neighborhood, such as RIOS, shop theSyCo., and Erik Lindstrom. Whether you are an industry professional, design enthusiast, or simply shopping for the latest trends, the LA Design Festival provides the perfect opportunity to connect with the community and expand your design horizons. Discover the diverse range of talent the Los Angeles has to offer.

Think you can stop by MASHstudios? RSVP so we can prepare enough refreshments and treats!


What: MASHstudios Studio Tour + Sample Sale

When: Friday, June 23, 2023 at 2pm-6pm

Where: 2611 W Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018

Refinement and Flexibility: Custom Law Office Furniture

MASHstudios recently collaborated with RIOS to design and fabricate custom furniture for a prestigious Law Firm in Los Angeles. The objective was to create pieces that reflected the client’s professionalism and competence, with design flexibility that would let them adapt the office layout as their needs evolve. The result was an elevated collection of private office furniture, open office desking, and storage pieces meticulously designed to work together.

Understanding the importance of a functional yet aesthetically pleasing workspace, MASHstudios created custom sit-stand desks that would be both comfortable for users and impressive to clients. While standard sit-stand desks often reveal awkward proportions and details when raised, our team was determined to design an executive sit-stand desk that exudes elegance from every angle and position. With meticulous attention to detail, we engineered the modesty panel and pedestal bases to ensure a seamless interaction throughout the desk’s movement.

We worked with the design team and client to select materials to enhance the desk’s visual appeal and guarantee longevity, incorporating solid oak desk tops with a clear satin finish and oak veneer pedestals that conceal the mechanical components. The unique design concept was replicated across various desks and storage arrangements, creating a series of shared and interchangeable pieces that offer greater flexibility to the end user. The result was a one-of-a-kind furniture system that seamlessly met the client’s needs while boasting an exceptional design aesthetic.

At MASHstudios, we believe in the power of thoughtful design to create inspiring workspaces. This project exemplifies how custom furniture caters to specific needs and preferences by incorporating innovative design solutions that overcome practical challenges. Working in collaboration with RIOS, MASHstudios ensured that the Law Firm received a tailor-made furniture solution that complemented their level of expertise. Our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship helps us exceed expectations and elevate the client experience.

Employee-Centric Furniture for Haven Technologies’ New Workspace

As the world emerges from the pandemic, businesses are reimagining the traditional office space as hubs for employee engagement. Haven Technologies, located at 2 Park Avenue, envisioned a new workspace focused on employee well-being and creativity, so they turned to MKDA to design a new office that encourages collaboration and flexibility. To help make Haven Technologies’ office into an employee destination, MASHstudios designed custom tables, reception, workstations, banquettes, and pergolas.

Pergolas Employee Space at Haven Technology

The interior design of Haven Technologies focused on creating spaces for employee collaboration and flexibility, so the MKDA team crafted open-plan workspaces with numerous breakout areas and microenvironments where employees could work and collaborate based on their daily tasks. These spaces were designed around three key themes: industrial notes, natural materials and greenery, and imaginative elements.

Employee Space and Workstations

To create an industrial backdrop, the MKDA team used exposed ceiling slabs with decorative metal mesh ceiling tiles wrapped around the core structures, which also functioned as a wayfinding tool. Greenery was incorporated throughout all the common areas, promoting feelings of comfort, wellness, and relaxation among users. MASHstudios created circular banquettes with trees in reception and unique pergolas that mimic outdoor patios.

Haven Technology Meeting Rooms

MASHstudios also designed tables for state-of-the-art collaboration rooms, each with eclectic themes and bold color schemes to infuse the space with the company’s distinctive personality and culture. The design team playfully named conference rooms after cultural references and foods, such as “Venus and Serena” and “Bacon, Egg & Cheese,” adding a personalized and fun dimension to the workplace.

MASHstudios’ furniture design for Haven Technologies helped transform the workplace into a memorable destination where employees will be excited to work and collaborate with their peers. By creating various experiences, the team crafted a workspace that encourages creativity, employee well-being, and collaboration.

Haven Technology Office Furniture

Openness and Accessibility: The Broad Foundation and Family Offices

When The Broad Foundation and Family Offices relocated their headquarters to 1 Cal Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles, one block away from The Broad Museum, they wanted to design office spaces that reflected their work and values. They aimed to create an inviting and equitable space for their employees, visitors, and guests in the heart of Los Angeles’ business district on Bunker Hill.

The Broad partnered with ShubinDonaldson and long-time family design consultant Jennifer Littke of SETSTUDIO to design their new offices. To realize their vision of a welcoming headquarters, the design team turned to MASHstudios to create custom workstations, private office furniture, and conference tables to promote a collaborative and inspiring work environment.


The Broad Foundation and Family Offices Furniture Design


ShubinDonaldson and SETSTUDIO designed an Education Library to greet visitors to the new headquarters, a warm and inviting social space highlighting the Foundation’s emphasis on education. The room features a textured palette of materials and a low coffered ceiling inspired by Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand’s House for a Young Man. Fold-up windows connect the library to a kitchen space, creating a seamless transition between the two welcoming communal areas.



The architecture and design team needed a partner to develop custom office furniture to match their vision. Transparent private offices are at the center of the project, with open workspaces along the windowed perimeter, creating a bright and egalitarian office filled with natural light and stunning views of the Los Angeles skyline. The open spaces were also designed to display some of The Foundation’s impressive art collection, with circulation spaces in the office also doubling as curated fine art galleries. MASHstudios designed custom pieces to match the architecture’s clean, simple lines and elegantly detailed white oak trim. 


The Broad Foundation and Family Offices Furniture Design


MASHstudios collaborated with the architect and interior designer to create a collection of custom pieces to complete Foundation’s new headquarters:

  • The workstations feature height-adjustable, custom steel legs and power beam structures, with cream PLAM desktops with exposed birch plywood edges. A pencil drawer and sheer linen fabric divider panel add functionality and privacy. At the same time, the aisle credenza, which features hot rolled steel legs and pill-shaped shelves, provides additional space with integrated file storage. Round polyfelt divider panels add a touch of texture to the overall design.
  • The private offices have height-adjustable desks and fixed height returns in solid white oak, with a credenza unit that houses the printer. The executive office is similar in design, but with bench-height storage and a seating cushion for added comfort.
  • For the conference rooms, MASHstudios designed tables with cream PLAM tops and white oak veneered drum bases, which also have integrated power and data for added convenience. A cream PLAM credenza with a solid white oak top provides additional storage space while maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic.

MASHstudios’ collaboration with ShubinDonaldson and SETSTUDIO resulted in a thoughtfully designed headquarters, creating a set of spatial experiences that promote the Foundation’s dedication to openness and accessibility.




The Broad Foundation and Family Offices Furniture Design


The Broad Foundation and Family Offices Furniture Design


The Broad Foundation and Family Offices Furniture Design


The Broad Foundation and Family Offices Furniture Design


Architect: ShubinDonaldson

Interior Designer: SETSTUDIO

General Contractor: Sierra Pacific Constructors

Photographer: Fotoworks / Benny Chan

Award-Winning Collaborations: Mural for AllSteel

In addition to creating Branded Furniture for leading companies, MASHstudios designs innovative products for other furniture manufacturers. This year our design for Allsteel won Interior Design Magazine‘s Best of Year Award, as well as Best of NeoCon 2022 Silver and the Interior Design HiP Award.

Mural was designed to break the grid, offering greater flexibility to the end user. Mural offers a revolutionary way of arranging individual and collaborative areas with a movable base system that allows for quick modification or total rearrangement. It is a flexible system that allows end-users to create individual workspaces and unique team spaces, building office neighborhoods that are free-flowing spaces of productivity.

MASHstudios designed a range of components and accessories that can be added to the Mural framework to create a variety of functional and aesthetic configurations. This includes everything from privacy screens and storage units to work surfaces and seating options. The framework is constructed from high-quality materials and engineered to withstand the rigors of a busy office environment, ensuring the pieces will look great for years to come. The clean lines and modern design offer a sleek and sophisticated look while maintaining a personable vibe and scale.


Mural for AllSteel Custom Furniture


By creating flexible boundaries that suit the requirements of individuals and teams, Mural provides the workforce with an attractive and practical workspace design. Beyond just separating space, Mural adds character while adjusting to the evolving needs of people and the potentialities of the future.






Introducing Focus Wall+ for Privacy and Power

Add outlets to a new space without having to rewire your entire office.

Introducing MASHstudios Focus Wall+, freestanding modular soft walls with built-in power. You can effortlessly create new private spaces that already have outlets, so you simply need to plug in. Power is also integrated directly into the structural connectors, so you can bring power to any outlet on the connected walls.

Focus Wall+ seamlessly integrates into any office, with tackable surfaces giving the end-users flexibility to personalize their work area. Sound-dampening Focus Walls add privacy and space division in open workspaces, yet are still light enough to move on a whim.

A scalable and modular solution, Focus Wall+ is the perfect choice for creating a peaceful workspace – with less effort.