Confidential Apparel Company

This leading streetwear company occupied a large warehouse in an industrial part of Los Angeles. Given their free and easy nature, the client’s main objective was to blur the lines between work and play – the space needed to feel open and unrestricted.

As a first impression piece, MASH developed RADAR’s vision for a custom reception desk made from paper stone cladding. Inspired by the leather of some of their best-selling products, the reception desk was designed to age and patina over time. This angular, dual-level construction delivers copious work surfaces and is ADA-compliant. At the base of the desk is a strip of smoked acrylic glass – a design decision that highlights the receptionist’s shoe selection for the day – a subtle, but impactful nod to their brand.

Vast in nature, this former warehouse required multiple space-defining solutions. Alongside reception, separating the entry experience from the work day is a large translucent polygonal wall that creates differentiation without fully enclosing the space or blocking light. To ensure that this piece was structurally sound, MASHstudios worked closely with a structural engineer to set the support posts 6′ into the concrete flooring.

The “hero moment,” as referred to by the client, is the built-in stadium seating. In support of RADAR’s design, MASH manufactured a tiered seating area that hosts all-hands meetings and has the option for multiple small gatherings at once. Similar in aesthetic to the reception desk, the arena-like stairs create a black, monolithic, angular structure that supports the operational needs of the team and creates a statement-worthy focal point for the space.

Scattered throughout the space – along the perimeter and in the common areas – are a variety of bar-height tables. Made from black, clear and frosted lucite, with multiple steel base colors, these tables create touch-down spots in their open space.


Architect: RADAR

Photography: Jim Simmons Photography