With the goal of promoting creative collaboration at the forefront of the design, MASHstudios developed a custom furniture system for AT&T‘s animation and editing teams. This was a significant change for the client, as these specific teams previously worked in private rooms with minimal engagement. The challenge was to design a collaborative space that maintained boundaries.

This branded space is bustling with creativity. Multiple workstation clusters throughout support different teams and their particular working styles. All desks in AT&T‘s new space utilize butcherblock tops and white powder coated steel framing. The 3-person units support animators and were designed for heavy-duty processing. This set-up features a custom computer tower holder, an ergonomic eased table top edge and tack panels for personalization.

The tiered communal table has both bar height and standard height surfaces, and is paired with soft seating pebbles.

Clustered by departments, all teams are centered around the heart of the space – a custom double sided media center with upholstered banquette seating, which can host all-hands meetings or cross-team impromptu gatherings.

A number of meeting and focus rooms were introduced throughout. The futuristic conference room is meant to inspire creative output and houses a butcher block table with a matte black powder coated leg.

Four privacy phone booths each feature a unique, hand picked live edge cedar slab, from trees felled locally in the Los Angeles area. On the exterior of the phone rooms is a multi-layer polyfelt wall installation that carries throughout and is an interpretation of the AT&T logo.

Adjacent to the phone room are three-person-office and two-person-offices with desks made from the same butcher block ergonomic tops and powder coated bases.

Lastly, AT&T wanted to ensure that their staff had moments of relaxation throughout the day and opted for our READYMADE by MASHstudios’ Wedge Sofas and Focus Walls with custom sizing and fabric suited to their brand.

Photography: 544 Media / Jasper Sanidad Photography