Haven Technologies

Haven Technologies partnered with MKDA to design a new New York office space to focus on employee well-being and creativity. MKDA’s design centered around open-plan workspaces with breakout areas and microenvironments for collaboration and flexibility. To help bring the project to life, MASHstudios was brought on board to design custom furniture pieces.

MASHstudios designed custom tables and workstations to help transform the office into a destination with distinct meeting points, creating functional workspaces that promote employee creativity and well-being. The new office notably features state-of-the-art collaboration and video conferencing rooms, with unique meeting tables designed by MASHstudios. Each room has a unique theme and bold color scheme that infuse the spaces with the company’s personality and culture. The rooms are named after cultural references and foods, such as “Venus and Serena” and “Bacon, Egg & Cheese,” adding a personalized and fun dimension to the workplace. By paying close attention to the details, the design team collaborated to create unique experiences that inspire and engage.

MASHstudios also designed circular banquettes with trees in reception and unique pergolas that mimic outdoor patios, adding an element of greenery and relaxation, a theme that echoed throughout MKDA’s interior design. Custom furniture helped reinforce the design firm’s vision, creating a memorable destination for Haven Technologies’ employees to meet and collaborate.


Designer: MKDA

Dealer: FCI Furniture Consultants

Photographer: Garrett Rowland

Awards: Interior Design Magazine 2023 NYCxDesign Awards Finalist