OXO International

MASHstudios supported the interior design of OXO International’s new 60,0000 sf HQ. Developed with the employees’ needs at the forefront of the design, we sought to create a durable solution that enhanced the day-to-day office experience so that they could live and work by their mantra “better everyday.”

OXO and Hydro Flask are product designers, just like us. They understand the importance of honest materials and functional design. Custom furniture incorporates 260 height adjustable workstations, custom center consoles, storage elements, conference tables, storage benches with integrated divider screens, meeting pods and private offices.

For workstation privacy, MASH developed a metal desk shroud that attaches to the desktop, providing each user a sense of privacy/ownership within the large open plan setup.

The center consoles were a focal point of the open office. They were designed to allow three compatible storage options (filing, shelving or mobile bin carts), and include red casters to express the brand.

Mimicking the NY water towers, which are visible from the lobby, MASH also developed mobile meeting pods as a centerpiece for the entry area.

Interior Architecture & Design by Ampersand Architecture
Photography by Garrett Rowland Photography
Styling by Daniel Krause