Confidential Private Law Offices

MASHstudios and RIOS partnered to create private office furniture for a renowned Law Firm in Los Angeles. The goal was to create custom furniture pieces that reflected the client’s professionalism and competence, with design flexibility that would let them adapt the office layout as their needs evolve. The result was a meticulously crafted collection of modern office furniture.

With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, MASHstudios developed custom sit-stand desks that offer both comfort and style. Every detail was carefully considered, ensuring elegance from any angle. The material selection, including solid oak desktops and discreetly concealed mechanical components, enhanced the desk’s visual appeal and durability.

This project demonstrates the power of thoughtful design in inspiring workspaces. Custom furniture tailored to specific needs, combined with innovative solutions, overcame practical challenges. The collaboration between MASHstudios and RIOS resulted in a tailored furniture solution that perfectly complemented the Law Firm’s expertise, exceeding expectations and elevating the client experience.


Design: RIOS

Photography: Doug Frerichs