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September 3, 2018

Workspace has completely transformed over the past 20 years. One of the most significant considerations is not just output and what can be calculated but also the value of the individual. What can make employees happy? How can a company support the individual, not just the position.

We were walking through the showroom one day with our Principal Bernard Brucha and discussing some concepts we recently had fabricated. We began to refelct back on histories forgotten workplace solutions. We began to ask what people have done in the past to provide privacy. Any respectable workspace design company would follow that conversation – “R.I.P. the cubical” and might event take a moment of silence in honor of the fallen design solution. Our concept focused on creating as needed privacy, we wanted to know if it was to much, or not enough. How do we prevent people from being boxed in again. We realized we were at a point where the workspace design community had begin questioning some of the significant shifts in office design. One of the biggest being the open floor plan workspace. We’ve even see it in residential design, after 30 years has the open floor plan begun to see a downfall?

As Bernard and team looked over a clients design that needed more privacy, we needed to figure out how to create a solution for an open floor issue. Bernard said something that made us all think, he referred to the potential product at a boomerang product. The past had come almost full circle and we were just about to catch it. MASH is passionate about solving not only the return of privacy, but how it gets integrated into existing spaces efficiently.

Stay tuned to see what boomerang products we came up with!

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