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A Step Above the Rest

June 3, 2018

Global shoe designer Sam Edelman asked MASHstudios to think #beyondstandard for their New York Offices. The retailer focuses on high-end, women’s footwear and showing off their product became the focus when designing their new 150+ employee office. Prior to jumping on board, models were forced to use their last work environment to display and model shoes. Aside from being too risky and a hazard, it was hard for everyone to view the shoes. MASHstudios took this as an opportunity to dig deeper into the problem and begin to position a challenge as a design solution.

The solution was quickly developed to integrate steps that were recessed and could be removed from a bar height table/catwalk, allowing models to safely ascend the stairs to a sturdy surface. The steps could be easily pushed in when not in use. keeping walk ways clear and surface functional in between model show viewings.

Problem solved.