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A step above the rest.

June 3, 2018

Global shoe designer Sam Edelman had a #Beyondstandard need that MASH was proud to provide a solution for. As we were designing and building their New York Offices it came up that the focus of their business was one of the most difficult things to observe on a person in the office. The foot is the focus of this 150 plus person office. To effectively study the foot and the stylish shoes that Sam Edelman creates, models were required to walk on tables and stand on chairs. Aside from being risky they allowed for a limited amount of visibility. It was quickly realized that we had an opportunity to dig deeper into the problem and begin to position a challenge as a design solution.

The solution was quickly developed to integrate steps that were recessed and could be removed from a bar height table/catwalk, allowing models to safely assigned the stairs to a sturdy surface. The steps could be easily pushed in when not in use. keeping walk ways clear and the surface functional in between model show viewings.

Problem solved.