MASH Studios | The right look with Kilroy

The right look with Kilroy

January 3, 2018

We recently were looking for a perfectly timed project for our new READYMADEfurniture Collection. As we reviewed the first projects we did we looked for a story that also fit the ethos of the collection. We wanted to identify a project that exemplified the reason why we launched this collection and also looked great. It’s a MASHstudios project so the looking great part wasn’t hard, But where could we find the right story as well.

Kilroy Realestate had recently finished a project that we did’t work with them after a tenant had signed, we worked with them before. To maximize the exposure and esthetics of the property while marketing it Kilroy took things a step further and did a light build out of each workspace, 5 private offices and a conference room. This scale was a perfect for for the new collection and with the options available they were able to identify the perfect look for this restored 100 year old building. They chose our classic cast iron legs (Trestles, A-frame, Straight Leg) with a beautiful oak butcher block with natural finish for the work surfaces. The mix use of the cast iron leg styles provided an eclectic vibe for the loft space but the work surfaces added a built in consistency that elevated the feel of the space. Paired with oversized lounge furniture, state-of-the-art technology and detailed lighting this space came to life. So much it quickly became the home to a production group including some of Hollywoods biggest names. A place they and their creative teams could retreat to, both create and entertain in, and do it all while feeling at a place that was as personalized as home. Keep an eye our for Kilroy, they are doing great things in the world of commercial/workspace realestate, thanks for being a great example for #READYMADEfurniture