Boomerang Products

Workspace has completely transformed over the past 20 years. One of the most significant considerations is not just output and what can be calculated but also the value of the individual. What makes employees happy? How does a company support the individual, not just the position?

We were walking through the showroom one day with our Principal Bernard Brucha and discussed some concepts we recently fabricated. We began to reflect back on history’s forgotten workplace solutions. We began to ask what people have done in the past to provide privacy. Any respectable workspace design company would follow that conversation – “R.I.P. the cubical” and might event take a moment of silence in honor of the fallen design solution. Our concept focused on creating privacy when needed. We wanted to know if it was too much, or not enough. How do we prevent people from being boxed in again. We realized we were at a point where the workspace design community had begin questioning some of the significant shifts in office design. One of the biggest being the open floor plan. After 30 years, has the open floor plan begun to see its downfall?

As Bernard and team looked over a clients design that needed more privacy, we needed to figure out how to create a solution for an open floor issue. Bernard referred to the potential product as a boomerang product. The past had come almost full circle and we were just about to catch it. MASH is passionate about solving not only the return of privacy, but how it gets integrated into existing spaces efficiently.

Stay tuned to see what boomerang products we came up with!

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LAXseries Design Foundations

Our LAXseries has long been a classic collection of California Modern design. We limit hinges, hardware, bells and whistles to allow for the focus to be on quality materials and finishes. Hard metal and solid wood married with natural finishes have always defined this collection. But lately we’ve been asking ourselves “do we want more?” and how do we evolve such a classic collection. We’ve asked ourselves “how much is enough or is there not enough?”. We’ve begun to research and explore what we want the next chapter to look like and what story we want to tell.

Stay tuned in 2019 to see what we come up with.

A Step Above the Rest

Global shoe designer Sam Edelman asked MASHstudios to think #beyondstandard for their New York Offices. The retailer focuses on high-end, women’s footwear and showing off their product became the focus when designing their new 150+ employee office. Prior to jumping on board, models were forced to use their last work environment to display and model shoes. Aside from being too risky and a hazard, it was hard for everyone to view the shoes. MASHstudios took this as an opportunity to dig deeper into the problem and begin to position a challenge as a design solution.

The solution was quickly developed to integrate steps that were recessed and could be removed from a bar height table/catwalk, allowing models to safely ascend the stairs to a sturdy surface. The steps could be easily pushed in when not in use. keeping walk ways clear and surface functional in between model show viewings.

Problem solved.


The Big Sur Sofa

Fun fact, our LAXseries sofas are named after famous California coastlines (all expect one, any guesses?). This month we are highlighting the Big Sur Sofa. Named after California’s most iconic natural wonder.

Upholstered in ultra durable and easy-to-care-for leather, the Big Sur sofa stays true to its natural quality, yet offers a versatile quality that allows it to fit comfortably anywhere. Featuring a contrast double top-stitch, the thick leather on this sofa will stay taught and age gracefully.

Take a deeper look at the Big Sur on

The Right Look with Kilroy

We were looking for the right project and fit to introduce our READYMADEfurniture collection. As we reviewed the first projects we did we looked for a story that also fit the ethos of the collection. We wanted to identify a project that exemplified the reason why we launched this collection and also looked great. It’s a MASHstudios project so the looking great part wasn’t hard.

On a project that maximized the architectural aesthetics of the property, Kilroy wanted to take things a step further and did a light build out of each workspace – 5 private offices and a conference room. This scale was perfect for our new collection and with the options available they were able to identify the perfect look for this restored 100 year old building. They chose our classic cast iron legs (trestles, a-frame, straight leg) with a beautiful oak butcher block with natural finish for the work surfaces. The mix use of the cast iron leg styles provided an eclectic vibe for the loft space but the work surfaces added a built in consistency that elevated the feel of the space. Paired with oversized lounge furniture, state-of-the-art technology and detailed lighting this space came to life. So much it quickly became the home to a production group including some of Hollywoods biggest names. A place they and their creative teams could retreat to for designing and entertaining. Keep an eye our for Kilroy, they are doing great things in the world of commercial/workspace real estate. Thanks for setting the stage for #READYMADEfurniture

Rapt Studios x MASHstudios Millwork

It’s never a dull moment working with Rapt Studio. Google’s 91,000 sf Orange County office combines the lighthearted spirit rooted in the company’s California culture. Working with the Rapt team, MASHstudios was able to actualize the design firm’s vision – creating pieces that take a nod to the local ethos and play into the overall design scheme.

For Google’s main cafeteria space, custom booths measuring close to nine feet tall and constructed of natural oak in an array of yellow, blue, orange and red slats encircle tables made of  birch and hot rolled steel. Throughout the space, specially made solid oak butcher block tables feature intricate designs of the company’s name, letters and images of beach life.